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The fact that Amish furniture is almost synonymous with high quality, durable furniture is a well known one. But the concept that may not be fully understood is that of wholesale Amish furniture. When we speak about wholesale, we usually think in terms of buying very large quantities of a given thing. Also we usually associate wholesale buying with retailers, who buy in wholesale amounts to eventually sell to the end user or the consumer.

While in some cases it is true, that some Amish outlets sell only to retailers or dealers who in turn sell it to you as the consumer, it is possible to find Amish handcrafted furniture at wholesale or discounted prices for the consumer to buy as well. Here the consumer buys directly from the manufacturer but at greatly discounted prices, which are possible to keep low for the following reasons.

The reason that some manufacturers are able to sell their furniture at affordable, wholesale prices, is the fact that they are able to reduce the overheads that a shop owner typically has to bear – when there is a bricks and mortar store to speak of, there are over heads such as shop rent or outgoing, sales people employed there, electricity and other bills to be paid for the store and other associated costs. Compare this to an online store that has no such recurring charges, and you understand why it becomes possible for some manufacturers to sell furniture at wholesale Amish furniture rates.

Further, those who sell Amish furniture at wholesale rates are able to keep their costs down due to cutting out other extraneous expenses – eschewing advertizing (possibly because word of mouth is all the advertizing they need and the quality of the product speaks for itself) there is a lot of money saved by not having commercials made and placed on TV and the radio. Also with online technology being so easily accessible to everyone, printed catalogues may also be done away with – anyone interested in the products, can view the catalogue online.

It is often possible to get great discounts on the normal retail prices. Also those orders, that collectively cross a particular amount, may receive a further discount, so clearly this is a great way to buy quality furniture. Further discount could also be extended to those who decide to pay by check and not credit card.

It is worth checking sites that sell such furniture, on a regular basis. Attractive discounts may be made available on selected items for limited periods, which one doesn’t want to miss. Also to take advantage of a daily special or clearance item, it is important to keep track of a particular site by checking regularly or by signing up for an email alert or newsletter wherever possible.

And finally the best way to buy furniture is to compare prices of similar items on different sites and seek out the ones that offer genuine discounts.

Source by Sarika Kabra

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